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PINK is a non-profit organization born out of the unmet needs of patients, families, and caregivers of Wabash Valley residents touched by Breast Cancer.

The Passion behind PINK is a Breast Cancer patient herself, committed to giving back to all of those coping with the disease, reaching out to offer help with the daily struggles the disease forces on to patients, their families, and their spirits.

The Initiative that brought PINK to life came from a collaboration of volunteers, patients, and caregivers that recognize the many unmet needs of those people who are battling Breast Cancer, and those who struggle to support the survivors, and to remembers those we lost.

We recognize the Need that PINK can help fill, right here in the Wabash Valley.  One hundred percent of the funds raised by our efforts stay here at home, benefiting those in need: our neighbors, our friends, our families.

In addition to providing aid to those with needs, PINK seeks to pass along the vital Knowledge that will help bring awareness of the breadth of the disease, the need for modes of early detection, and the research goals to bring about a cure for Breast Cancer.

Passion, Initiative, Need, Knowledge : PINK is here.  We are ready to give back to the Wabash Valley.  We need your help, your compassion, your generosity.  Ask yourself…are you ready to help us?


Amy Bagnoche


Dr. Darren Brucken

Dr. Darren Brucken


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